Aesop watch brand is a large-scale self-produced watch and clock enterprise integrating professional design and development, production, processing and sales. Specially to provide customers with excellent value for money, high-quality fashion watches, hoping to bring every watch lover to create the most people-friendly watches, so that everyone can feel the charm of watches against the background of Chinese and Western culture.

The predecessor of Aesop watches was first born in 1988. After manufacturing the first watch numbered “1988-001” in the Guangzhou Watch Factory, it officially embarked on the road of precision manufacturing. By 2000, the AESOP brand was officially incorporated in Guangzhou, and the brand's first independent research and development movement was officially born during the same period. Since then, the family has always focused on the design and development, production, processing and sales of watch projects. In 2020, it has become the first watch company to independently add and introduce watches.

With many years of technical research and development and precision manufacturing strength, Aesop watches specializes in providing customers with excellent value for money, high-quality and fashionable watches and watches. At present, the brand has four series of watches: men's series, women's series, tourbillon series, and couple series.

With the continuous in-depth upgrading of the quality management system, there is currently a complete Aesop quality inspection department and a scientific quality inspection process. At the same time, the brand continues to explore and experiment in watch design, and is committed to building the best watch brand in China.

Aesop watches always keep in mind the brand's social responsibilities and mission, with gratitude and giving back to the community, actively participate in charitable activities such as poverty alleviation and education, and contribute to the brand's modest strength.

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