Tourbillon Watch

every tourbillon watch is designed to satisfy man's desire for the ultimate; just as man's quest for space is never-ending.

HAOFA Tourbillon

Established in 1996, we are defined as an old watch brand in China. Over the years, as the OEM of many high-end Swiss brands, we have produced the best Tourbillon watches in China.

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AESOP Tourbillon

Tourbillon is a kind of clock speed regulating device invented by watch master Louis Baoji in 1795. The purpose of the flywheel mechanism is to correct the errors caused by gravity. Tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watch, and has always been known as the "king of the watch".

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AGELOCER Tourbillon

On the basis of inheriting the watchmaking essence of the classic tourbillon, taking architectural aesthetics as the origin of the design, a city of suspended machinery between the wrists is constructed with a feather-light suspended tourbillon and mechanical bones.

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Crystal Watch

We spend our time studying and selecting watches which, to us, have a certain appeal. From intricate mechanics to balanced aesthetics, as well as the compelling stories of the watchmakers behind them, because of what they represent: the passage of time. and its enjoyment.

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