Haofa Tourbillon

Haofa Tourbillon

Haofa Brand Watch

Established in 1996, we are defined as an old watch brand in China. Over the years, as the OEM of many high-end Swiss brands, we have produced the best Tourbillon watches in China. In producing and polishing technology, we all meet the requirements of top brands. In terms of materials, we use the same or even better materials as top brands, such as carbon fiber case, bezel, titanium-magnesium alloy (aviation-grade material) case, 18K gold, and ceramic bezel. With superb independent watchmaking technology, our real double Tourbillon and Carrousel watches are also of the top technology in the world,we are invented and produced The world's first oval mini women tourbillon movement(40 hours power )in 2022, this technology can beat 99% of the top brands, yet the price is less than 1% of theirs. Therefore, starting from 2021, our own brand has been introduced to the world,since we found that there are many senior watch fans all over the world with professional and experienced eyes, just like you, which can accurately distinguish what is a real exquisite watch, what is just a toy and what is an industrial waste.


About Tourbillon

The English "Tourbillon" means exactly the core component of mechanical watches-tourbillon.
In the past, the tourbillon, as the core of high-end watches, has been monopolized by the West, dominated by Switzerland. The name "Tourbillon" is a demonstration of Haofa's determination to be a leader in tourbillon watches.
Haofa Tourbillon, the brand as a whole, implies that Haofa positioning is to break the myth that foreign tourbillons are unattainable. It is dedicated to creating a Chinese tourbillon brand, hoping that the Chinese watch industry will flourish.


About China Tourbillon

Tourbillon technology is well-known as one of the three major complex functions of the world's clocks, and has always been favored by watch fans. However, this technology has been monopolized by Switzerland for a long time, and the price is extravagant. Owning a tourbillon watch is a dream of many watch lovers, but most of them have to give it up just at a glance of the price. With the rapid development of China's watch technology, tourbillon technology has already been broken through, yet it has not been mass-produced until recent years. With the mass production of tourbillon watches in China, the price of it has finally dropped from the sky to the ground. So that many watch fans can realize the dream of owning a real tourbillon watch. What a great thing! But everything comes with two sides. Because of the rapid expansion of tourbillon factories, many small factories have produced low-quality tourbillon watches in China. The price has reached down to an unbelievable level, but the product can not be really in use, it can only be said a toy. This casts a shadow on many watch friends, which is a very bad situation. Therefore, how to buy a truly usable tourbillon watch at a reasonable price has become the urgent hope of many watch fans. Yes, now I start advertising for our brand, the following content, you can consider it as an commercial, or a self-introduction. Here we are-Haofa Tourbillon Watch, as a real tourbillon watch brand, we have solved the problem that many watch lovers facing: a tourbillon watch with a reasonable price and stable quality. After years of research and development, we have made the watch with the most complete range of tourbillons in the world.*Six o'clock tourbillon, *seven o'clock tourbillon,* nine o'clock tourbillon, *12 o'clock tourbillon, *center tourbillon, *double tourbillon, *double tourbillon + carrousel, *mini ladies goose egg tourbillon, *automatic tourbillon , *GMT tourbillon,* double-spring tourbillon, *energy display tourbillon and more......

As always believing in an old Chinese proverb: practise makes perfect. Even though we have these basic technologies for a long time, but in reach of the stability of the tourbillon movements, our own brand has not been launched to the world in the past, but continuous testing and improving. Finally, in 2021 after conquering the last difficult part of the technology-the fully automatic double barrel tourbillon, our full range of 16 different style tourbillon movements were launched in one fell swoop. Once they came out, they caused a sensation in the audience and won unanimous praise from the majority of watch friends. And we are also in great honor of receiving suggestions for improvement from professional watch friends.

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