Lucky Harvey

Lucky Harvey

Lucky Harvey is an independent watchmaking company established in Guangzhou in 2021. The traditional mechanical design with a moving animal-inspired dial, a childlike, humorous style and the exclusive LH001 automatic movement developed by Lucky Harvey.The calibre LH001, which has been developed and tested over a long period of time for its precision and stability, has been given a refined finish and the winding rotor has been designed with a humorous animal motif that echoes the theme of the dial.A new brand of fun, focused on modern and edgy timepieces with vertically integrated production.LUCKY HARVE has its own research and development department and creates external components in its own workshops.This competence accompanies each watch during its e ntire lifetime – from the first sketches to final assembly.

Lucky Harvey meets young people’s trendy culture. Young consumer express themselves and tell the world about themselves is through their fashion sense.  High performance and visual interest are equally important for them. The animal theme automaton watches series are the young consumers' favorites.Lucky Harvey will keep trying to turn original idea into reality.

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